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Welcome to Miss Lilly's Estate Sales in Tulsa

Welcome to Miss Lilly's Estate Sales in Tulsa


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October 11-13

Ready, Set, SHOP

9 - 5

5406 E 76th St Tulsa, OK

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October 11-13

Ready, Set, SHOP

This house is packed FULL. Sofas, beautiful china cabinet, leather massage chair, King & Queen bed frames, dressers, tables! Great selection of all HOLIDAY DECOR! Vintage lunchboxes, vintage toys. 2 FULL rooms of womens clothing, medium sizes,  shoes, handbags. Garage is packed full. Really nice Craftsman 5000 generator, too boxes, tools. Full kitchen, bakeware, stems, dishes mixing bowls.  Samsung washer & dryer. Stainless steel refrigerator with lower freezer. Sewing machines, OSU collection, albums. Patio furniture, yard art.  This house is packed, and priced to sell. 

9 - 5

5406 E 76th St Tulsa, OK

About Us

Why Miss Lilly's?


Want the best? Living all over this great country has given us the opportunity to see & learn about many cultures. Use our 25+ years experience to maximize your return. We are here to help!

The Cost


In most cases we charge a percentage of the gross revenue. There are no up front fees charged. The fee depends on the size of the home and the contents of the home.  Your costs will be deducted from the proceeds. Those can include advertising, cleanout and dumpster fees, if necessary.

What we do


Miss Lilly’s is a full liquidation Estate Sale Company.  This means we come into the home, organize, stage and sell everything in the home, from the home.  We also provide downsizing or moving sales in the same way. We can get it done.  Our experienced, trustworthy, friendly staff will work hard to provide the best service possible. That's our promise.

How To's


What you need to do

Remove all personal papers, photographs, medicine and items you are keeping. If you are not sure about something, just leave it, we will take care of it. Leave the utilities on and the homeowners insurance in place.


THe process

After all personal items have been removed, we come in with our tables, linens, shelves & lighting to set up the sale. We go room by room and cleanout every drawer, cabinet & closet. We stage, clean and research items to get you the best market price we can. We create a warm & inviting atmosphere for our shoppers.  The sale will be well advertised on social media, The Tulsa World and



CLEANOUT SERVICES OFFERED STARTING AT $375.00. Please contact us at 918-906-3539 for more information. We can help!


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Miss Lilly's Estate Sales

Tulsa, OK

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9:00 am – 5:00 am

Needing a sale in the OKC area? Contact Matt McNeil@ McNeil Liquidations 405-820-2814

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